Honda Valkyrie

In April 2018 I bought a 2014 Honda GoldWing GL1800C – also known as a “Valkyrie” and F6C (“Flat Six Custom”).

Valk History

Original Honda Valkyrie

Original Valkyrie

Produced from 1996 – 2003 as the GL1500C (the last two years were an 1800cc).

Stock photo of Honda Valkyrie

The “New” style (2014 & 2015) Valkyrie

Honda took 11 years off before bringing the bike back in 2014 as a redesign of the GL1800 Gold Wing.

The reintroduced Valkyrie (F6C) shared the same frame as the Goldwing (rake and trail were increased), as well as the same liquid cooled 1832cc flat six engine (117 hp/123 lb.-ft. torque), while weighing 150 pounds less.

These new F6C’s were only produced in the U.S. for the 2014 and 2015 model years, but I have been unable to discover how many were made in that time. Best guess from the forums seems to be maybe 2,000 per model year.


Aftermarket Additions

Aesthetics and Comfort

Things we have added to the bikes to enhance comfort or appearance

Handlebars and Controls

Pretty much as it sounds -- controls and stuff added to the handlebars

Performance and Ride

Things we've done to increase speed, operation, agility of the bike, etc