Orlando 2024: Day One

Day one we had some rain. Shopping as we recovered from a late night arrival



The picture is from the outlets we hit – a very Floridian shopping plaza – much more aesthetically pleasing than the ones in New England!

Temps hovered around 60 degrees – comfortable in a sweatshirt.  The rain was light and intermittent enough that it didn’t slow us from walking around to the different outlet stores.

We ended up walking around ICON Park and snagged dinner there.  Most places were already on a wait, some already over an hour.  We stumbled across Uncle Julio’s and were a little leery of it because they were able to seat us right away.  

As it turns out, it was a fantastic discovery for us!   The food was excellent, but what really impressed me was that ALL the food was that good.  I’m so used to side dishes being “meh” and at Uncle Julio’s the rice was perfect, the beans (which are complimentary but you have to ask for them) were amazing, and the tortilla chips tasted homemade.  I think I could have just drank the salsa it was so good.  



After dinner we walked around ICON Park.  It’s not huge and perhaps mostly food related, but there are some interesting entertainment options too.   

“In the Game” arcade uses reloadable cards to activate games instead of tokens.  There is a mix of “old school” games and a handful of VR versions.   Brenda tested out this one that has no controls and plays out like a roller coaster ride.  I was pretty impressed with the VR games we played and look forward to it continuing to get better.

This is the Orlando Slingshot – a thrill ride that I think launches people almost 400 feet in the air, and up to 100 mph!  We stayed to watch a few pairs get launched – it looks fun but terrifying!  

There is a camera mounted on the slingshot pod to capture reactions as it launches people, and a number of those are posted on their website – fun to watch!

There is also a 400 foot tall Ferris wheel and a very high swing ride.

We took this photo of the wheel from the 4th floor of the parking garage, but I neglected to get one one of the StarFlyer, so this one is a stock photo from the internet.  I believe it takes people up about 450 feet and it is light up really nicely at night.

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