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Valor 40v13

We decided to sell the Forest River Rogue Vengeance 32v travel trailer and move to a 5th wheel.

This decision was a long time coming, but here are the main reasons:

  1. Space.  The bedroom was pretty much just a bed, the kitchen was cramped, and for the two of us, a cat, and a dog it was just… tight.
  2. Horse.  We picked up another rescue dog and this one appears to have some Great Dane or something in him.  See point #1 above regarding space…
  3. Features.  The single AC unit was ok, but loud.  The basement was small, no generator, manual stabilizers, etc.

We hated spending the extra money but it really seemed a night and day difference for us. 

We ended up with an Alliance Valor 40v13 and each of the pages below detail various aspects of it – things we modified, likes and dislikes, etc.


This is a 13 minute video on YouTube that goes (very) quickly through many of these.