Orlando 2024: Day Four

Day 4 begins in Cocoa beach, 70 miles south of our target



We arrived late last night at the new hotel — La Quinta Cocoa Beach.  It’s nothing fancy but much better than the studio apartment we had originally booked.

Today we had hoped to watch the Axiom-3 launch, sending four European private astronauts to the International Space Station aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.  That launch was postponed until tomorrow, so we just kind of bopped around the area sightseeing.

We started with the Lori Wilson Park, which across the  street from the hotel, about a  1/4 mile from our room.  
There is a good sized dog park there, as well as a lengthy raised wooden walkway.  There is beach access through the park and a lifeguard on duty there.  

Five miles north of the hotel is Manatee Sanctuary Park.  This park has a 1/2 mile paved trail around it, a turtle pond, and a couple of platforms for looking out over Banana River.  It seems unlikely we’d ever spot Manatee from this park, as I imagine we’d need to be out over the water for them to be visible to us.  But it was a nice park and we enjoyed our walk there.

The last photo (Peacocks crossing the street) was on the way to the park.  It cracked me up because this happens to us all the time at home, but with turkeys.  We get to Florida and the same thing happens to us, just with a different type of bird.  =)

We tried hitting a few museums and such today but had a tough time making it before closing.  The Sands Space History Center is small but free.  I think that one  closed at 1pm.  Two others (Kennedy Space and the Dinosaur Museum) closed at 5pm.  We might have made it to Kennedy but before we could leave I was called to do some stuff for work.  🙁

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