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We began building this site in January, 2021.

What is it!?
The main idea behind this site is for us to have a place to log the places we visit and things we do.   Yup, everybody does that now; Through infinite amounts of blogs, YouTube, etc.  Ok, obviously not infinite, I exaggerated.  How about “ever expanding”?  Like the Universe?  (which, for all practical purposes is infinite.  So there). 
How is this site any different?  It’s not!  Sorta.  See the next section for details if you are interested.  Or not.

We keep finding great content buried in Facebook, forums, etc.  We wanted a place that made it easier to find that content (like RV modifications specific to your RV model).   We’ll get there eventually!  Right now this is a dumping ground (oh, that makes it appealing, doesn’t it!?) for tidbits we pick up along the way, as well as the usual “share our experiences” detritus.

Getting Around
Please feel free to poke around – main site menu/navigation is in the upper right.
A few other links can be found at the bottom of each page.  A full site map is here.  Each page will have a table of contents for any sub-pages.  Lastly, the site tries to guess what other pages might be related to the one you are viewing and displays links to them to the far right.  And by ‘guess’ I mean that the web server is blindfolded and throws darts to determine related content.

At the moment “Membership” (creating a login/account for this site) only exists in preparation of adding areas where people can contribute ideas and experiences to the site (e.g. for RV modifications, RV fuel stations, etc).  Feel free to sign up if you wish, but currently the sections where you can share your own experiences is still under construction.  If nothing else, you will have the bragging rights associated with membership =)

“Slideshow” Pictures
There is a rotating (slideshow) gallery of pictures to the right of most pages.  These are photos we’ve taken over the years and hope you’ll enjoy.  If you don’t (enjoy them) you could place a sticky note over that part of your screen.  I hear that is much better than whiteout, but you can determine that for yourself.  At some point we’ll probably upload them in full resolution on a dedicated page, where I would strongly recommend against using whiteout or sticky notes to cover it.