Handlebars and Controls

Speedometer Fix

My speedometer was significantly off after I installed Henry’s Final Drive replacement – details on this page.

I used SpeedoDRD from 12 O’Clock Labs to fix it.

The company was excellent to work with and very responsive to email.   After some back and forth they shipped the wiring harness I needed for my Valkyrie and it works perfectly.

After installing the calibrator, I went out for test rides.  I compared what my speedometer was reading against a GPS speedometer app on my phone.  I would hold each speed as constant as I could, stop, write down the readings.  This is what I came up with:

BikeGPS App
25 mph30

I used their online calculator to figure out how much I needed to adjust (20% !!!!!) and then a great video tutorial on how to program the unit.


The bike originally came with mirrors that were too short for me, and not very adjustable at all.  I quickly grew tired of viewing my elbows instead of traffic and went on a hunt for replacements.

It became comical how many times people would say something about how my bike looked like Batman’s, so why not take advantage of that?!   I wanted my new mirrors to reflect (ha, see what I did there?!) this idea of Batman’s bike.

I found these (“Lucifer LED“) mirrors from KiWAV after MUCH searching.  It adds more lights for visibility (running lights and flashing for turn signals), were taller, and extremely adjustable.  I was in a low speed accident that broke off the right side mirror and had to order replacements.  Either I screwed up the order or the next generation of these are shorter.  I’m still happy with them, but would much rather have the older model that was a few inches(?) taller.

Control Levers

In the interest of blacking out pretty much everything on the bike, I replaced the clutch and front brake levers with black ones.  

I’m not thrilled about the adjustment on the clutch – it seems very hard to turn and I am concerned I will break it.  Point in fact:  I *did* break it once, though it was not from adjusting.  There is a tab in this model that must be cut off for it to work on the Valkyrie.  I didn’t realize it was hitting on the first one I bought and when I squeezed the clutch it snapped off.  

USB Port

I added a USB port to charge my phone, helmet, GoPro, whatever.

I selected the 2 port charger from KiWAV because it was one of the few that was a 2 amp model, charging the phone much faster than the usual 1.x amp models.

I opted to install it on the left side, above the gas tank key release and fog light switch.   I keep a USB cable routed out of sight under the gas tank and up to the phone mount so I never have to mess with it.  The main reason I put it here was because I had too much crap on the handlebars already, and didn’t want the backlight distracting me.

Phone Mount

I already use this RAM mount on my ATV so I know it does well holding my phone.  If it can keep it safe in those conditions, I have no doubt it will be great on the bike!

I did end up ordering the smaller arm for it though, as I preferred to keep it closer to the bars and a little more out of the way.

GoPro and E-ZPass Mounts

I don’t use it often, but sometimes I video our rides with the GoPro.  I found that this RAM mount that attaches to the brake reservoir is great for keeping yet another thing off the handlebar directly.

Next to the speedometer panel (just barely inside the left edge of the circle) is the E-ZPass holder for toll booths.  It does not have a top lid (just a strap to hold the pass in place), so I cut a DVD cover to fit (the bike is supposed to be all black, after all!)  =)

Heated Grips

I installed Oxford Heaterz grips to extend my riding season a bit.  They are wonderful for palms, but the backs of my hands get cold if I’m not wearing leather gloves or something similar that really cuts the wind.

I didn’t understand how the Honda throttle was designed, and I ended up breaking the plastic sleeve when removing the original right hand grip.

I do really like these grips!  A minor complaint is that the heat level indicator has a blue light on it, so out of the corner of my eye I keep mistaking it for my high beam indicator.