Road Trip to Nashville

We took 3 days to get to Nashville TN, with two nights at Harvest Hosts.



The first night we stayed at a Harvest Host farm in Pennsylvania (D&S Produce).  It was our first Harvest Host stay ever and we were super impressed!

They are designed for single night stays and they recommend spending $20 or $30 at each Host.  In this case that was incredibly easy!  They had an ice cream shop with amazing home made ice cream, and soooo much great stuff in their farm stand!  

The hosts were extremely friendly and welcoming and I don’t think we could have asked for a better first-time experience.  

One thing we would like to say to other guests (not the host) is:  pick up after your dogs!   

Our second night (another Harvest Host) was at an historic farm (Arcadia) that was gorgeous and had tons of history.  The caretaker was super friendly and knowledgeable, treating us to a brief history of the place.  

On day three we made it to the 4 Corners RV Park and Marina, just southeast of Nashville, TN. 

The campground was in great shape, well maintained.  I know everyone has preferences – trees vs open skies, concrete pads vs gravel, etc.  Honestly we enjoy both – we love being in the woods but it is nice to have the concrete pads too!

We were there during a very hot spell but had a good time.  

We took a day trip to Nashville and explored the city, including one of the “hop on, hop off” tour buses.  We rode on the top deck because of the heat and had to duck several times for low hanging branches.  Thankfully the guide knows exactly when each is coming and gives plenty of warning =)

That day we ate lunch at Luke’s 32 Bridge restaurant (owned by Country singer Luke Bryan).  We were able to get a table after a surprisingly wait and the food was really good.

It was a bit too hot to watch the 4th of July fireworks in town so we opted to stay with the pups, one of whom does not at all approve of anything that goes “boom.”

We took the bikes to Edley’s Bar-B-Que dinner one night, and only hit a little bit of rain.   

We hiked the Mossy Ridge Trail — a 4.5 mile loop in Percy Warner Park, about 10 miles southwest of Nashville.  Unfortunately this is the only picture I have from that hike: 


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