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ATV Riding Gear


I’m sure everyone is different in likes, style, idea of comfort, riding temperatures and locations, etc.

This is the gear we’ve tried and how we felt about it.

  • Muck boots!
  • HJC helmets & Bluetooth
  • Gloves

Muck Boots

I consider this one of my top buys for riding gear!  We first rode with hiking boots and gators but found them sub par when in the depth of mud and water we often found ourselves in.  We still turn to hiking boots when just banging around in the woods, but on nearly all other trips we wear the muck boots.  Mine have more of a lining than Brenda’s so I wear mine year round, where she turns to a snowmobile boot in the winter.



We have HJC-CL17 helmets and they have served us well for years.  I’m not crazy about the weight and the visors often give us problems – the hinges sort of stick.  I am quite sure that this is due to offroad conditions most of the time, but probably not all the time.  Even when freshly cleaned they can still get tough to open.  

Speaking of helmets, we use the Sena bluetooth communications in ours and have had few issues with them.  Next time around I will look into other brands too but I have been eyeballing the Sena mesh network.  
We find these things VERY useful when on the bikes or the quads.  Whoever is in front can give warnings of sharp corners, holes, etc.  The person in back has a wider field of view and can warn of vehicles approaching from the side, etc.  Besides, it turns any ride into an “us” ride rather than an alone ride.  



We’ve both tried a number of different gloves for both off- and on-road riding and each have different ones we use.  On the motorcycle I favor heavy, lined, leather gloves on the bike in colder weather.  I switch to a lightweight glove with metal and plastic protection in the palm, knuckles, etc.  On the quad I often ride with a simple cotton/poly glove liner to keep from getting grip sore.  It is easy to rinse and dry, and can be combined with yard work gloves or similar for extra warmth or dealing with logs down on the trail, winching, etc.


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