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Quad Mods

The Mods

I’ll just list them for now, and fill in detail as time permits:

  • Heated grips
  • Temperature gauges
  • Trunks
  • Re-painted mine
  • Plastic fixes
  • Gauntlets
  • Tires
  • GoPro mounts
  • winches
  • winch cable blocks
  • LED lights

Heated Grips

We made it through our first winter without them but that was enough to convince us to buy them.  We have the Symtec 215047 grips and are very happy with them.  They were fairly easy to install, get quite toasty, and have worked without issue through 3 winters so far.  We ride in all conditions so these were a must for us.  
It seems the issue with any heated grip (we have them on our bikes too) is that your palm can stay warm but the back of the hand and fingers can get cold because they are not in contact with the grip.  We usually use leather (or similar) gloves to reduce wind penetration on the back of the hand and that helps tremendously.  I hate spending the money on better gloves but they also have to be pretty rugged to hold up riding offroad.
Brenda ended up investing in gauntlets too because of the wind factor.  
Another note: her thumb heater gave out (and of course one probably never discovers the problem until one is in a very cold environment…).  I used a multitester to make sure the wires were still carrying current (they were) so it was definitely the thumb pad.  Perhaps I had the wires just a little too tight?  In any case, the company covered it under warranty and sent out a new thumb heater, which I was impressed with! 


We got two different models to fit different needs.  Brenda was looking for something that could give her back support when we take breaks, and liked the extra storage space of the model she bought. 

Friends had mounted this Rigid toolbox on three of their quads and really liked it.  Brenda was interested in more storage space for our longer rides so we put one on her quad too.  We drilled 1/4″ holes through the case and into the front rack, used some very large washers to help distribute any strain on the plastic, and done in a pretty short time.

I was looking for something rugged and fit the look of the quad.  Yes, it’s totally vain and I own up to it, but there it is.  I totally understand the need for trunks – we pack all kinds of stuff in ours – dry clothes, extra layers, tools, air compressor, tire pressure gauge, water, snacks, tow ropes, pretty much anything we can cram in there.  I started with a soft sided model from Cabella’s that I liked a lot, but it just wasn’t rugged (and waterproof) enough for the conditions we ride in.  When the zipper finally crapped out on it I decided to step up to a plastic trunk.