Riding Gear


Brenda and I took different approaches on the coats.  I chose a “all season” version, and she uses a winter and a summer jacket.

I have a Tourmaster Transition 5 jacket that has about 6 million zippers all over it for summer riding.  No matter how you vent it, it will never be as cool as Brenda’s summer mesh coat.  Part of the problem is that it’s difficult to keep the vents open to the wind.  I sort of fold the velcro back on itself to help but even still they don’t hold open.  I took the stock liner out and instead ride with a thicker layer for colder temps – often times using the liner from my ski jacket.  


I opted for a pair of Tourmaster Solution 2‘s that don’t feel all that sturdy or tough to me, but they have held up fine for four years of riding now.


I wear a Schuberth C4 Pro that I bought from ChampionHelmets.com in the Netherlands.  At first I thought it must be a scam because they were about $100 cheaper than the US, and offered two day shipping.  Turns out it was real!

I hated to spend that much on a helmet but I’m happy with it.  I still use my old lid for off-roading, but the Schuberth is great for the street.  It offers much lower wind noise, is lighter, has a chin curtain, drop down sunglasses, etc.  

Brenda rides with a 

We used the Sena SMH10R bluetooth communication devices in our off-road helmets, but we upgraded to the Sena 50R for our street bikes.   We really like being able to chat as we ride – both for general conversation but also for hazard warnings, directions/turns, deciding when to stop for food, etc.
Note:  The link is to Amazon, but we found them considerably cheaper through CycleGear.com


I rode primarily with these cheap gloves for a few years but eventually the fingertips wore out and began separating.   At $20 I would definitely buy them again and just replace every year or two.  

When riding in chillier temperatures, I love simple leather gloves for cutting the wind.  The back of my hands always get cold first, and its from that wind getting to them.  

For the coldest temps I ride in, I use Joe Rocket Windchills.  Combined with my heated grips, I can usually keep hands warm into the 40’s.