Orlando 2024: Day Three

Today we moved from Orlando to Daytona



The rest of the week is our ‘beach time’ – just looking to enjoy the coast, sun, and waves.
Looks like we’ll have to wait a couple of days to get that sunshine though!  Today is warm (75 degrees) but overcast, with a shower or two.

We drove north up the coastline and stumbled across a huge RV dealership right next to JP Cycles and a ginormous Harley dealership – three of our favorite places to visit!   =)

We like going to RV dealerships and shows to see how different manufacturers maximize space, get storage ideas, and discuss what we like or dislike about each.  It sometimes gives us decorating and modification ideas for our own RV.

The dealership had a Smart car that someone used as their “Toad” (a car towed behind a RV for use when the RV is parked at a campground).  Brenda couldn’t resist checking it out and both of us were surprised how much room there was for occupants, especially since it literally fits inside our Toy Hauler RV! 


Teddy Morse’s Daytona  Dealership is well worth a visit for Harley fans!  The place is HUGE and has their own collection of vintage bikes on display.  The two guys we talked to were both knowledgeable and friendly.


We ate a late lunch at the River Grille on the Tomoka, which we highly recommend.   The place was spacious, clean, well staffed, and the food was outstanding.   We would definitely eat there again!

We also learned something useful at this stop — neither of us had any idea that gators could stand on hind legs and attack with front legs, but apparently they can!

Our Daytona hotel isn’t actually a hotel but rather more like an AirBnB that Brenda found on Hotels.com.  I would call it a studio or efficiency apartment and it sits on the third floor, right on the beach.   Unfortunately Daytona was hit hard by hurricane Ian and repairs are still going on all over the place, including this building.  The direct beach access is temporarily closed while they repair the retaining wall.  I can’t recommend it – it doesn’t have much for outlets so its challenging to run things like laptops, phone chargers, even trying to place the fan in the doorway.  The place smells very musty but there is only the door to the balcony and a small window in the shower, neither with screens.  We actually only stayed the afternoon before discovering … something.  Not sure if they are roaches or what but that did it for us.  🙁

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