Aesthetics and Comfort

Cable covers

I added sheathes for the cables on the handlebars, strictly for looks.  Top picture is the original, bottom picture is the new look.

These are the woven sleeves seen in the picture, and there are some plastic wire loom not seen here.


Exhaust Pipes

After an accident scratched up the right side exhaust pipe, I opted to replace them both with Torq Master Pipes.  The insurance check covered it, as the cost of both pipes was nearly the same as replacing only one with the OEM variety.

I had been eyeballing them anyway because I wanted to change the sound of the bike, so this was my opportunity.  They offer some variety on length, chrome or black, and degrees of loudness.

Aftermarket Seat

Wow did I get sore riding with the original/stock seat!  Looks like it is a common complaint in the forums for this bike too (that and missing a 6th gear).

I went with a Corbin Gunfighter and really like it!  It is far more comfortable than stock, and when combined with my AirHawk cover I can ride for hours.


Highway Pegs

For longer rides, I wanted to have highway pegs to stretch my legs out.

But I didn’t want them all the time, and I’m not nuts about the look of them.  I found the Rivco Flip-out pegs (Amazon link) and decided that was the best of both worlds!  They adjust forward/rear a few inches and I have mine as close as possible – the Corbin seat has me sitting back and my inseam is 32″.   

They are usually easy to flip out using a toe but if need be I can also reach down and do it.  I’ve been hit by sciatica or something lately so I’ve been using them more.  Just be sure to tuck them back in when cornering!

License Plate Holder

Personally, I don’t care much for how Honda designed the plate holder.  After the accident broke it up pretty good I decided just to lop it off and start over.

I started with this side bracket, bolting it onto the existing frame.

I glued this light to the plastic above the plate for illumination (wired to existing Honda circuit).

I tried replacing the turn signals (which I also don’t like) with the Oxford Nightrider sequential lights, but it didn’t work.  Without the included resisters, the signal flashed too quickly and with it the light did not flash at all.  

I ordered a custom (“vanity”) plate to replace the beat up old one, and I think I might alter the look of the tail some more.  Not sure yet, but maybe some pieces that come down from the fender to make the plate appear more a part of it, instead of just “stuck on there”.