Florida Winter Warmer

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The Trip

This is the first trip I remember lying late in the day – we usually leave early morning.  As Brenda pointed out, that gives us maybe a half day extra at our destination.
The downside of course is having to get up very early the day we leave =(

The JetBlue flight was full and on a 30 minute delay.  With a direct flight we didn’t have to worry about catching another plane in time, but it made our already late arrival that much later.  There was a very strong sewer odor upon takeoff but thankfully it quickly dissipated!  Other than that it was an uneventful flight, exactly how we prefer air travel!  =)
Ah, one other bump:  For some reason it took a very long time to get our suitcases from baggage claim  Twice the conveyor would start up, drop a bag or two, then shut down again.  We didn’t clock it, but our guess is somewhere around 45 minutes to an hour.  

First Hotel

The first few days we stayed at Cypress Pointe Resort in Orlando.  We opted for a studio type room, not sure what else they offer.  It felt more like condo’s than a hotel in that the room entrances are all from a central corridor that is “internal” but open air at the front and rear.  If that makes sense.

I thought the best feature of this resort was the people – every person we saw was crazy friendly, helpful, and pleasant to deal with.

The layout is a bit odd – the shower is frosted glass but not in a separate room.  We had to be a little creative with storage, putting groceries in drawers due to a lack of counter space.  We were able to get plates and silverware from the front desk but without adequate means of cleaning them its again a bit… odd.   
Mattresses are of course highly individual but we both found it comfortable.  There is a small balcony we could enjoy our morning coffee on, and a bath tub in the room if you want a hot soak.  

I was shocked there was no elevator in our three story building, as I assume most guests are lugging up sizable/heavy bags when they arrive.

I don’t recall hearing neighbors (footsteps, TVs, etc) at all, a welcome change from most hotels.  

The grounds were very well kept and landscaped.  Our balcony was looking out the rear of the property (and a road) so not picturesque, but better than [most] hotel views.  

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