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40v13: Bedroom

Table of Contents

Bedroom Closet Shelving

Brenda kept her side original with the bar for hanging clothes.  I prefer to have shelves instead so I added these.

There are four birch (1/2″) plywood shelves, leaving approximately 9 inches of vertical space between each.  They are cut from two 2×4 ft “half sheets” of plywood.  
I made a cardboard template first because the back wall of the closet is curved to fit the front end cap of the RV, and it took me several attempts to match that curve correctly.

The shelves rest on cedar 1×2’s that have been glued to the walls.  I recommend inserting all the shelves first, then dry fitting the supports, and finally gluing them in.   This of course helps to identify any mistakes before committing, but it also helps because I had to angle the shelves to fit them in, and the last shelf or two may need more room to angle them than the next shelf down allows.  So stacking them all in first ensures you have that room before gluing.

You can also add a front lip to the shelves and place bins on them to act more like drawers than shelves.  This is handy for items like socks.

Replacement Mattress

Brenda found an RV King (aka Narrow King) on Amazon that is 70×80 and 10″ thick.  

She also found this mattress topper for added comfort.

The wider mattress barely fits between the “side tables” and because it is much thicker than the original, it also covers the outlets.

We use this 90 degree cord and this USB adapter to make it easier to plug things in and to keep the mattress from damaging cables we plug in.   I might yet change out the side USB adapters for “up” angled ones.

We prefer to keep the bedroom cool, so we replaced the heating vent in the floor with this louvered version. 

March 2024 update:  The plastic(!) tab controlling the louvers/dampeners broke up, rendering this essentially useless.  Replaced with this version, fingers crossed it holds up better!

This allows us to close off (or restrict) flow of heat into the bedroom when the furnace is running.

The plastic knob to open and close the vent already broke off, so now I have to lift the register out of the floor and manually shift the thing closed.   So I would recommend one with a sturdy (or mostly recessed?) control tab!

Technically these went into the bathroom, but this is a bedroom modification because the AC vent covers are restricting cool air into the bathroom in favor of dumping it into the bedroom instead.

We found these on Etsy when we could not locate a replacement vent that both fit our AC vent openings and also  had louvers.  These avoid that problem because rather than replacing the vent, they clip onto it and slide left to right to block the opening to varying degrees.  There is a video on his page showing how.

The left one is open about as far as it will go and the right side one is fully closed.


We enjoy listening to music while getting ready for the day, so I added a speaker to the bathroom (and bedroom) and connected it to the stereo.  This was part of a full upgrade that permitted us to add a fourth “zone” to the system.  Details can be found on this page.