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40v13: Bathroom

Table of Contents

I’m doing a separate page/section for the bathroom(s) because I have a feeling we’ll do a lot of work in there.


Improved Fan

Both bathrooms come with a Maxxfan Mini Deluxe installed – a 6″ single speed exhaust fan with a control mounted to the wall.  


While it is undoubtedly better than the old style fans like this one

it still doesn’t have the power and features we grew to love with the Maxxfan Deluxe in our last trailer.

So I replaced our bathroom fan with a Maxxfan Deluxe (7000K) which

  • Increases the exhaust capabilities considerably
  • Has ten speeds for more control over air flow
  • Wireless remote control
  • Sports a hood so it can continue running even when raining (cover opens and closes as well)
  • Is reversible if we want to bring fresh air in instead of exhausting 

These are easy to install and the only thing time consuming is removing the old lap sealant.  The only thing noteworthy on our Valor was two extra pieces of wood that I had to pry out to make the hole a full 14×14.


Pool Noodle

This is a very simple but great addition on travel days!  We saw it on YouTube (of course!) — in this video done by The Venturesome Couple. 

Shower Organization
Loofah hooks
Shower Caddy for use in transit

Door Latches

For extra privacy, we added two more “J” hooks (aka Candy Cane Hooks?) to the bathroom doors.  We still latch them open on travel days, but feel better being able to latch them closed when we have guests, grandkids, etc.  
Oh, and a side benefit of keeping the cat at bay when he’s got the 2am Zoomies.  

We found that a ‘medium’ and a ‘wide’ hook worked well for us, using this brand.

Note: An alternate method is using magnets in the doors and frames, as the Venturesome Couple did (same video as linked above for the pool noodle).  This method is much more hidden and aesthetically pleasing than the J-hooks I installed.


Air Conditioning Vents

I was unable to find a replacement vent for the air conditioner ducts that were louvered (aka had dampeners) to control air flow.

The idea was to be able to restrict it a bit, dumping more cool air into the bedroom and less into the small space of the bathroom – a better temperature balance for our preferences.

I ended up finding a different option here on Etsy – these discs clip onto the vent and can be slid back and forth to open or restrict air flow.

Heating vent

To control the heating vent, I modeled a damper from a different model vent (same company- B&B Molders).

This damper is two identical discs that fit within tracks inside the vent.  There is a small nub that gets caught on the vent grill and can therefore be spun to open or close.

This is available on my Etsy site if you are interested.



We enjoy listening to music while getting ready for the day, so I added a speaker to the bathroom (and bedroom) and connected it to the stereo.  This was part of a full upgrade that permitted us to add a fourth “zone” to the system.  Details can be found on this page.