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40v13: Living Room

Table of Contents

Main Light switch (relocation)

I really hate to say this after all the time we have dumped into making modifications, but this might just be my favorite one!  

I grew very tired of opening a cabinet just to turn the main lights on and off (or adjust the dimmer), which we do many times per day.

So we moved the switch out of the control panel cabinet and down below it.  

It was a very easy modification, all things considered.  When I pulled the switch (the cover pops off, then 4 screws hold it in place) I marked which wires went where. 

I then cut a hole in the wall to fit the switch snugly.  There are two large holes in the wall behind the control panel, and I chose the left side hole because there is a bathroom vent pipe in the right side and I was not 100% sure the switch depth would work with that.  I had to be super careful cutting this hole, as there are a lot of wires behind it!  

Vent Covers (under steps)

The vents under the stairs need to remain open for cold air return to the furnace when the heat is on.  But during the summer I wanted to keep the AC in and the bugs out so I glued some of the trailer luan to foam floor pads and snap them into place over the vents.

I included a small piece of black tape as a handle to tug on for easier removal, as we cut the foam intentionally large to compress and hold it in place better.