Fall ATV NH trip

Camping in Stark, NH and met her brothers on the trail



We were very late on scheduling this, so we got lucky finding RV space available! 

We ended up at Percy Lodge and Campground in Stark, NH.  It is a very small park with something like 7 tent sites and 11 RV sites (plus seasonals).  They are unable to put in sewer due to the close proximity of the river but had electric and water.
The sites are reasonably wide and very long.   They have placed outhouses around for convenience and those are emptied weekly.

We didn’t stay in the lodge but it is beautiful inside.

I was hitting 45 and 50 mbps download speed off Verizon without taking time to aim the antenna (so it might have been even better — unless I was pointed directly at the town by sheer luck).

Taken at a fuel stop; Brenda says the dog was giving her a look that said “But Mooooommmm, he’s on MY side!!”

Took a drive through the whites to check out the fall foliage.  

This trip we met up with two of Brenda’s brothers and sisters-in-law, plus a nephew and family friend, the latter on quads and the first four in a side-by-side.

We’ve all done Jericho a number of times so we opted to run up other trails from Berlin to Erol instead.


This picture and the one at the top of the page were taken on Deer Mountain. 
I don’t know where we were when Brenda snapped the one below.


Took a sunset ride through the campground trails 

And managed to get myself really stuck!   Brenda rescued me with her winch and it made me think that maybe I should get mine fixed.  Someday.

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