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32v: Bathroom Modifications

Shower Head

replacement shower head

For once a nice, easy, straight forward mod that didn’t take much time! [woot woot!]

We chose the Oxygenics Fury because it had pretty good reviews, select-able stream settings, and an on/off switch on the shower head (to save water without having to shut off and re-adjust at the faucet each time).

I’m still leery of mounting things in an RV – so much plastic and flimsy “walls”! I like things to mount solid so I can swing on them like a monkey if I please, and I feel like things in the RV are just going to fall like rain while driving down the road.   But it has held up (sorry for the pun) so far!

Bathroom Fan

After reading many reviews, I ended up buying the MaxxFan Deluxe 7000K. In part because it comes with the remote control, VERY handy since I can only just reach the vent lifting handle when I stand on tip toes.  My wife has to do dangerous acrobatics to reach it, all while swatting at it with her cell phone.  I figured it was either pony up (relatively) small money to get the remote or spend bigger bucks when she ends up in the hospital from trying to open a manual vent.
We attached the holder (it comes with one) for the remote to the bathroom wall just above the light/fan switches using a Command Strip.

This install wasn’t too torturous. The longest part was digging up the old caulking around the original fan. I think that was a couple hours of work. Not sure if the unit being fairly new worked against me there or not – older caulk might have come off easier. I was also trying to be careful (read: paranoid) about accidentally putting a hole in the roofing material.

Another thing that devoured some time was getting the fan to turn on. I temporarily spliced the wires before dropping the fan into place and it wouldn’t turn on (see my numerous other stories about things never seeming to go according to plan!)

In the end it was simply a 12v breaker that had tripped. It took me far longer than I care to admit before I checked those because I assumed the breakers (which are apparently labeled in a foreign language because I certainly can’t make heads or tails of them!) were all 110v, not 12v. Grrrr

The fan I LOVE! This may or may not be the top fan you can buy, but its FAR better than that silly thing that comes stock!  It has a good (motorized) hood that can stay up with the fan off and (knock on wood) it has never let rain in while up.  

Last thing: I’ve seen people asking about how much light it lets through. I bought the one with the white hood, and it definitely cuts light down (see photo, where you can compare against transparent skylight). I don’t mind that at all, especially since less light = less heat in summer and since this bathroom connects to our bedroom.

RV bathroom ceiling fan replacement
RV bathroom fan remote control

Bathroom Faucet

original RV bathroom sink faucet
Replacement sink faucet

I don’t know how common this is in trailers, but I couldn’t fit my hands under the bathroom sink to wash them.  :/

Putting them under the stream of water meant banging them up against the back of the sink bowl. 
Excuse the mess in the photo, we put stuff in the sink to secure it while traveling and this shot was only to get the rough measurements to compare against potential replacement faucets.  But since I forget [yet again] to get a proper “before” picture….

We only made one or two trips like this before replacing the faucet with this larger one.  This one sticks out further and is also taller, making it MUCH easier to wash my hands under.  Yay for clean hands!  

Bottom Shelf

RV bathroom under sink shelf
RV bathroom under sink shelf
RV under sink cabinet shelf in place

On the left is a picture of the original space under the bathroom sink. It had a removable panel covering it and we wanted to add another shelf/storage instead.

In the center picture you can see what an odd shape the shelf is to accomodate the pipes. I just kept measuring and cutting out pieces until it fit. I screwed 2″ blocks onto the bottom of the shelf to hold it above the horizontal PEX water pipes.

I also blocked off the the black drain pipe in the rear, right corner with some glued together luan. Although this was really more aesthetic than it was functional. I may eventually block off the overly large hole the manufacturer cut into the cabinet in the right hand wall, and I will likely put down shelf paper too.