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32v: Stabilization


Jack Stands

RV stabilizer jack stand
RV hitch jack block


There are probably hundreds of options out there, this is just what I did. 
I grabbed 4 cement blocks and a bunch of 2×8.  I cut them down to 16″ sections to sandwich the blocks with.  The cement is heavy (duh), I may replace it with something else eventually. 
What I like about it is that it feels very solid and the wood helps maintain even pressure across the whole thing, even when parked on gravel.  The wood pieces are susceptible to weathering and rot, but the block not so much.  Since the wood is not attached, it would be easy to replace as needed.  


The cement blocks I bought are supposed to be rated for 2,000 psi but I don’t trust it for the hitch jack.  For that one I replaced the cinder block with a pair of 16 inch 4x4s,  plus a top and bottom 2×8 plate,  screwing the whole assembly together as a block.  It is not quite as tall as the others, but weighs less and (I hope) is more solid.

Side to Side Stabilization

The stabilizer jacks are great for eliminating vertical motion, but the trailer still “wobbles” as people enter or walk around.  It doesn’t usually bother us, unless someone is sleeping (then the movement wakes us).  These are reported to work well, and so far I like them.  I was hoping they would lock the coach down completely and they don’t – I can still feel some sway as people walk around.  It is a noticeable difference though and I don’t feel like spending a LOT more for better options just yet.

RV side to side stabilizer

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