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32v: Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

When transporting our bikes in the trailer we wanted to have wheel chocks for extra stability and to avoid compressing the forks when strapping the bikes down.

The two main designs we looked at were:

In the end, we went with the Wheeldock. For both bikes (and a wheel strap for each), shipping, and tax, it was about $550, which was much closer to the rack unit pricing. I originally thought I was being frugal and going with a cheaper option! 😐

I liked the super heavy duty construction of the Wheeldocks, and how they are fitted to your individual bike tire for a snug fit. I also love how easy it is to back out of them! Especially since we are often fighting an incline in the trailer when unloading.

It turns out I was unable to easily bolt the chocks to the garage floor (difficult to get underneath the trailer), but I haven’t needed to – ratchet straps keep the bikes upright and from sliding around.

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