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32v: Furniture and Stuff

Couch Table

RV couch table
RV couch table
closer view of RV couch table

We intentionally bought an RV with a sofa rather than a dinette.  With (mostly) just the two of us, it just made sense (to us).  However, that left us trying to figure out how we’d do dinner indoors.  A folding table came with the RV, but we’d have to sit up pretty high on the couch to use it.  So we bought this sofa snack table with fold-out panels.  Brenda found it on Amazon and chose this one because it slides underneath the couch (there is no room to either side for side tables).

The unfortunate part is that there is a metal strip under the couch (the frame) that makes this table tippy (this frame rail can be seen in the picture to the right).  To compensate, I attached a piece of wood to the table to raise it (seen in picture below).

It’s not great for meals of course, but perfect for coffee, snacks, etc.

RV couch table base


RV slide switches

Not a replacement or anything, just a very simple mod (“wicked” simple, as they say here in New England) — placement of several of the switches inside the RV didn’t make sense to me.

For example, it makes sense to me that the kitchen slide in/out switch would be right next to the awning in/out switch, because they are both door-side.  The living room slide in/out switch should be separate from those two and should be above them, because if you are looking at the switch panel, the awning and kitchen slide are behind you (and the living room slide is in front of you).

From the factory, the slide in/out switches were reversed – kitchen was separate and above the awning/living room pair.  So I switched the wiring on the switches, pairing awning with kitchen slide and keeping the living room slide separate and above the other two.

Note: Even with battery shutoff switch turned off and shore power removed, the slides still have power, so be careful moving wires!  I used electrical tape to cover the exposed wires while moving them around (AFTER I made some impressive sparks and nearly soiled myself because I didn’t know they were still live)

Bed & Steps

Homemade RV bedroom stairs
Custom RV bedroom steps
RV bedroom steps - bottom view
Top view of RV bedroom steps

We replaced the “RV King” mattress that came with the coach with a residential queen we liked.  The upside: far more comfortable!  The downside: it doesn’t fit very well.  The foot of the bed is now about a foot from the wall.  It is also considerably thicker, making climbing into it a challenge!  To help, I made some steps on her side of the bed.

The picture to the left is taken close to floor level from inside the bathroom, showing the openness of the design, hoping to avoid stubbed toes. The carpeting is stapled down and was purchased for $20 or so at Home Depot.

The steps are circled in red on the picture taken from near the ceiling and looking more or less straight down.  

The picture of the underside is taken inside the RV, just prior to wrestling the steps through the doorway and oh-so-carefully dropping them into place.  I intentionally made them close to the actual space dimensions but was still surprised at how much effort and angling was required to get them into place.  

Screen Door Push Bar

This was a fairly inexpensive option that we saw on a YouTube video that seemed worth doing.  We bought the Camco bar, but there are probably others out there.  Installation was fairly easy, just drilling the screen door and screwing this in place.  The bar is adjustable to fit different door widths, and we just tried to be careful where we mounted it to not interfere with the screen, door movement, etc.

RV screen door handle

Door Stops

Adhesive door stops

We were very concerned about the doors in the unit colliding with the flimsy walls – we figured one good bump would go right through!

We opted for these stops because they are transparent.  The adhesive has held up so far and because they are clear, they “match” anything.