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Treasure Hunt

Fortunately, there are bazillions of resources out there for this, I’m only including it because each year (usually just Easter) we add clues and alternatives that might be unique.

We’ve done this for birthday parties when the kids were younger, and now we do it for the adult children at Easter instead of typical egg hunts.

In any case, the idea is that one clue leads to another until you hit the end. 


  • Done as a race to get to a (common) finish first
  • A prize at the end (gift card, candy, whatever)
  • teams working together (everyone following the same trail, or different teams with different trails)


Possible additional challenges

  • The end prize is a children’s puzzle, (suggest 50 pieces or less).  After putting it together, flip it over to find a map drawn on the back taking them to the actual final place.
  • Encode the hints (another language, actual simple code, etc)
  • False trails – if they guess the clue/hint incorrectly, they might find a fake clue (or just a message) in that ‘wrong’ spot
  • For places where plastic eggs are not practical to hide, just hide the next clue there.  When they bring the found clue to you, you can hand them the egg with candy in it.
  • Tie people together – like a 3-legged race kind of thing

Set Up

Ok, so any number of ways to run it, this is how I personally have found to work for us:

  1. Come up with a list of potential hiding places.  There can be overlap (multiple people/teams have eggs in the same spot) if each person/team has a specific egg color they are assigned (and ignore the other colors).
  2. Think up clues to guide the kids to those hiding spots.  Depending on age, it can be simple (“silver thing you put bread into”) to very challenging.  
  3. Write the clues out on paper (or print from computer) and number them for reference
  4. Create a master cheat sheet:
    1. egg color
    2. clue number
    3. location it will be hidden
    4. location (next clue) it points to
    5. the clue itself
    6. additional clues (for harder ones), in case they need more hints.
  5. Seal the clues in plastic eggs, taping another piece of paper to the outside with the clue number and place to hide it.  I do this so I can rapidly hide dozens of eggs within minutes without having to think about it
  6. Have eggs/clues to hand them initially to get them started and lead them to the first hidden ones.


I use a lot of painters tape when hiding stuff to stick it in unlikely places (on top of a ceiling fan blade, over a bathroom mirror, attached to inside of a lamp shade, etc).  Mostly just trying to keep them out of the line of sight, or putting somewhere otherwise not possible, like on the backside of a door.

Just a word wont shut me up, you’ll need to get physical. And yet you’ll open my mouth when you want to talk.  

Ceiling Fan
Turn me on and I might get hot but I’ll keep you cool

Silverware Drawer
Put me in your mouth but don’t bite down.  Your arm is an elevator, going up and down.  

My partner gets them wet. First I eat them, then I heat them.  You’re not worried because I never keep them.  

I have at least two mouths and may spit unexpectedly.  Whatever I do spew out you’ll almost certainly eat.

Toaster (Second hint if needed)
I have a short, wide body. It is cold and shiny. I have at least two mouths. My tail is long and forked. 

Toaster (repeat first clue and add this):
Unless I’ve waited too long and your anger is not the only thing burning.

I have a face that doesn’t frown, hands that I do not wave.  I have no mouth but often make a familiar sound.  I don’t walk but move a round.  

Clock (additional, if needed)
What has two hands and a face, but no arms and legs?

Clock (additional, if needed)
I have two hands on my face; you check on me to keep your pace

Ice Tray in Freezer
I can be destroyed by fire and not get burned.  Nor can I be drowned in water

Ice (additional if needed)
My parent runs free but when born I cannot.  When I die I will flow freely again.

Not flesh, feather, scales nor bone, but still have fingers and thumbs of my own.

Gloves (additional, if needed)
When I am filled, I can point the way.  When I am empty nothing moves me.  I have two skins – one without and one within.

The more I dry off, the wetter I become

I have a sound that goes beep and though time I do keep I am not a clock.  I don’t know any recipes but I do love to cook.

Washing Machine
I have a big mouth, but do not gossip, yet I get involved in everyone’s dirty business.

Note:  Best not to hide the same color egg (same person/team in both washer and dryer – in case they get the clue wrong and end up out of order)

Computer Keyboard
keys that open no locks.  Space but no room.  Allows you to enter but not go in.

Cows swallow this blade, but it’s not sharp or metal.

I can’t be used until I’m broken.

Eggs (additional, if needed)
A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.

I am tall when young and short when I am old

Shower Soap Dish
I get smaller every time I take a bath

Box of Envelopes, mail pile
I start with an E, end with an E, and have a letter in me.

Some take me in the morning, others take me in the evening, but one thing you should know – that when I’m ‘taken’, I don’t really go anywhere?

Potato bin
Although I may have eyes, I can’t see. 

Potatoes (additional, if needed)
At one time there was a dearth of me in Ireland and people went hungry.

Keys but no locks, feet but no socks.

Piano (additional, if needed)
Keys open a door that you may enter, but mine only make a sound to draw you near.

Feed me once a week but I consume it not.  Instead I’ll give it all back to you one day at a time.

Electric Fireplace
Turn me on and I will dance for you, turn me off and you might start dancing.

Electric Fireplace (additional if needed)
Add “to stay warm” at the end of the clue.

run some water through me to wake you up.  I might be the first one up in the house, but I wont be bitter about it.

I have no eyes to see nor hands to point with but come midnight I will help you find what you seek all the same.

I go up and down but never move.  

Stairs (additional)
Careful when you walk on me or I may trip you up.

Under kitchen Table
Upon my back you may find sustenance.  Sit between my legs but mind your feet.

Kitchen Cabinet
another word for spectacles are kept inside, plus things to hold whatever is cooked, boiled, or fried.

I’ve been hung before but did not die.  My flesh was painted so as to be pleasing to the eye.

Many are we who look all alike.  Poured out at dawn your hunger to strike.  We’re just out to be good to you and yet you drown us.

Doorbell (tape to bell button or physical chimes box inside)
I lie in wait though not to surprise.  A stranger doth strike and I sound my cries.  

 Doorbell (additional)
a stranger uses me to beckon you.  I have no eyes but can identify one has come to call.

look inside me and I will show you who you are.  I cannot lie and I dont look deep, I am you after all, thats plain to see.

I have water to spare but drink it not.  I’m always here for you and yet you give me things that you would never give the least of friends.  I think perhaps because you know in your heart I’ll rid you of them

Kitty Condo
I am scratched and torn but have never been in a fight.  I offer places to sit but only for those who are under 20. 

Round I am, divided like pie.  Constantly you stick me with your pointy things but still I don’t die.  Numbers and counting you do with me but a calculator?  Not I!    

Lamp Shade
Darkness flees from me and yet I live in the shade.

Cheese Drawer
Once I was white and ran freely though legs I have not.  Now I am old and yellow and don’t move at all  My one remaining pride?  People yell my name when they want to take your picture

Hanging Plant
I can live on just water but I’ll just die if you don’t let me at least look outside!  Good thing I’m not afraid of heights.

I can help you wet your whistle.  In fact, I can whistle too (but honestly, only when things get heated between us).

Whenever you’re watching me, I won’t move.  I have a lot to say but for some reason you won’t back talk to me.  

I have no brain to store it but knowledge all the same.  I have no ribs but plenty of spine.