Half Marathon

Still not sure what we were thinking!? Signed up for a half marathon with 2 months to train...



We did a full marathon almost exactly 9 years ago but didn’t keep up with the running afterwards.  After one of our girls did a half we decided to get ready to do the next one with her.  
A freaky onset of sciatica (or muscle tear?) hit Brenda last week so after all that rushed training she had to sit this one out.  🙁

The race was the Smuttynose Half, launching out of Hampton Beach on a very flat and scenic course.  It was around 60 degrees, a good 15-20 degrees warmer than the full we did all those years ago, but likely more due to location since the full was only 2 weeks later.

We stayed at Beach Rose RV Park and glad we found it.  Only about 15 minutes drive from the start of the race (Hampton Beach) an its a cute little campground (50 sites?).  Typical for beach campgrounds, the sites are close together but the place seems to be well kept and all the amenities were great – full hookups, no glitches with power, decent WiFi and outstanding Verizon signal. 

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