ATVing in Northeast Maine

Camped on a very generous friend's land and rode from there.



Scotty is one of the most genuine, honest, friendly, generous, compassionate people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  

For a few years now we’ve taken the quads to Scotty’s for a long weekend with some other really great people (that introduced us to Scotty) and have had big fun exploring Northern Maine’s trails.  

We’re feeling blessed and grateful right now for the fun riding but even more so for the time spent just sitting around and talking.

We park the RV lakeside next to the cabin and it’s about as perfect of a site as you can get.  

The last trip our generator wasn’t running right so I got the carb cleaned out.  This time it ran like a champ but wouldn’t hold more than a 20 amp load.  Grrr.  

Running one heavy appliance at a time was really just a small inconvenience, especially for a site like this — Even the cat approves!

We went for a hike up Mt Chase one day, which was quite a hike (it’s pretty steep in a lot of places) but a fantastic view and a fun break from riding.

Yes, there is a rope on the trail for a slippery spot of sheet rock, but no, it’s not as steep as Dennis is making it appear!

The peak is pretty much a 360 bald top view, pictured above is Shin Pond.

It was Roman’s birthday (9 years old) and he managed to completely exhaust himself turning a 3.3 mile hike into probably a 23 mile run. =)
This is him about 30 seconds after getting into the truck to go home.

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