Doane’s Falls

Valentine's Day hike at Tully Lake in Royalston, MA. Great 5 mile loop around the lake!



Brenda found this cool spot for us to hike on Valentine’s Day.   

Doane’s Falls

Great day for hiking – about 34 degrees and almost no wind.  

Tully trail is 22 miles but we took the trail that circles the lake and ended up just shy of five miles.  We parked at the corner of Athol Road and Doane Hill Road, but parking is super limited in this spot – maybe 6 spots?  Another 3 or 4 spots are stones throw down Doane Hill.  
Might be easier to go down Doane’s Hill road to other parking there, or even the Tully Lake boat ramp area?

The hike was really nice and we definitely intend to return.  The lake was in view nearly the entire time, the trails were well marked, and the monorail was pretty decent.  

Know how I know I’m getting old?   I stopped to read the entire sign telling of the location’s history… and I enjoyed it!   There are some very impressive statistics about how much water this area can handle to prevent flooding in neighboring areas.

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