New Years Beach Walk

New Years day was a walk in the park. Err, walk on the beach I mean.



This year on New Years day we visited Narragansett Beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

It was just over a two mile walk (down and back) and chilly but not freezing (40 degrees).  We couldn’t believe how many people were out walking!  Tons of dogs and we counted about a dozen polar plungers in the time we were there.  [Maybe next year….]

Although the waves were not large there were still a few die-hard surfers in the water too.

In spite of all the people we still found it very tranquil – something about just standing there and watching the waves roll in is so peaceful!  Like watching the flames dancing and the embers glowing in a camp fire.

After the walk we stopped at Point Judith but found it closed.  We couldn’t be sure the details because we could not find a sign about it, but the parking lot was blocked off so opted to just skip it.

On the way back home we popped over to Fisherman’s Memorial State Park and Campground to see if it looked like a reasonable campground to visit with the RV (we’re thinking we can fit, but we’ll call for details before booking).  We eyeballed a few sites that we liked so we can maybe request one of those.

Lastly, we stopped at Cycle Gear in Warwick, Rhode Island to take a look at helmets.  We are both interested in a lighter helmet for longer days riding, and probably a cheap(er) one for off roading.

If you visit Cycle Gear in Warwick, I highly recommend talking to Bill!  He was super knowledgeable and friendly.

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