Winter Hike Wachusett

Took an afternoon hike up Mt Wachusett with wonder dog.



Did a 4 mile hike up Mr Wachusett today.  The weather wasn’t bad at all, maybe 28 degrees or so with almost no wind.  We took wonder dog (As in, it’s a wonder he’s smart enough to even remember his own name) because he can’t seem to get enough of the snow and hiking, much less both together.  

I was surprised there weren’t more people hiking – a lot of times we’ve been up there the peak was mobbed.  Today we had it all to ourselves for a little while.

We could also see Boston for the first time  – Brenda was thinking the air must be much cleaner, and it makes sense – they’ve been saying on the news that air pollution is down since the start of the pandemic.

We ended up taking a bushwhack trail we’ve never been on before and it was fun!   A lot of work trudging through the snow, but a welcome change of pace from the normal trails.  It comes out just on the other side of Echo Lake (the picture is of Echo).


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