Brialee Campground, CT

Weekend trip to Connecticut. It can be challenging to find last minute sites open, especially with full hookups and room for a 40 foot trailer.



Brialee is funky!

The campground is much bigger than I would have guessed, and layout is not at all symmetrical, which makes it kind of whimsical and fun to explore.  It looks more organized on the map than in real life, at least to me.  Sites are pretty close together, at least for the transient sites

There is a pond for swimming and a beach, and … why am I telling you this!?!  It’s all on their website.  

We arrived Thursday night, traveling in the thunderstorm to get here.  Much debris in the roads but only one tree and power lines that blocked our path.  As it happened, both the couple in front of us and the woman behind were headed to the campground so we all swung around and the couple showed us the alternate path to get here.  He even scouted ahead for us, knowing the road had no places to turn around should we encounter another downed tree!

Note:  The campground does not allow the motorcycles inside, so we had to park them in the guest lot.  Not a huge deal, we’ve run into that before.  The unfortunate part was not knowing that before we arrived at our site, so that was embarrassing.  

The rain stopped for a bit right when we got here so we were able to set up without getting drenched.

Looking northbound on 89 at the bottom of Perry Hill

Note: if coming southbound on 89 (Westford Road) I recommend not turning right onto Perry Hill Road to get to the front entrance.  If I had swung into the northbound lane AND swung into the oncoming lane on Perry Hill I might have made that tight corner.  But even IF that was wide enough (and no traffic in any direction), the steep angle of Perry Hill right there looks like it would have knocked some of my leveling jacks off, if not worse!   Northbound does not look as bad, but we came in the back way and avoided any concerns.

That address is 105 Westford Hill Road — taken from their website, so I assume it is accurate.

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