Last(?) Camping Trip 2021

Found a campground open a week or two longer than most, and has private ATV trails!



Our friend Matt told us he was headed to a campground (Natures Wilderness Resort in West Baldwin, Maine) that was still open past Columbus day, one that had private ATV trails as well as access to some local trails too.  [thanks, Matt!]

We had a great time!  The campground itself was different — for example: there was a good sized body of water there but without sites all around it, leaving open access for everyone to enjoy it.   Instead of a stereotypical setup of sites across from each other, nearly all the ones we saw were in a strip on one side of the road, giving much more a feeling of privacy and space.

Water pressure was great, electric was solid, but our cell service was definitely low and spotty (though that’s not necessarily a bad thing when camping!).

The owner was extremely nice and super accommodating!   He had several vacant sites this weekend and offered to let us park however we wanted – taking up two or even three sites.

Matt, taking the sport quad for a spin
Matt & Liam at the lake (Sebago, not the campground lake!)

Matt and his son Liam showed us around on the campground trails and I have to say that I was very impressed!  I was assuming it would amount to maybe a half mile of flat trails, but it was actually a lot of fun riding!  We enjoy variety – mud, hills, turns, rocks, etc and it seemed like they had it all there. 

In addition, you can ride directly from the campground to several other places – Sebago lake is the only one we did this trip.  You can get to Sebago Lake in an hour (unless you play in the mud as much as we do and then it takes twice as long!).

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