Ashuelot Campground, NH

We found out our cousins bought a campground!



We really liked the campground (and no, we didn’t HAVE to say that just because family owns it).

The sites are spacious and the campground is well laid out.  There is a nice spacious barn with entertainment (pool table, etc), and the river runs right behind it.  There is a nice area the dog was happy to run around in, and this inexplicably ginormous tree.

We hiked Honey Hill Trail off route 32 in Swanzey.  It was under 3 miles round trip and pretty easy going. 

On the way back down we spotted this porcupine, which is only the second one we’ve seen in our all hikes/camping.   I took the picture from a distance so we didn’t spook/panic him so it’s a bit blurry 🙁
Not nearly as big as the other one we saw, and this one bears a strong resemblance to a buoy.



We poked around on the bikes and (of course) found a  General Store or two.  

Brenda has been trying to get our panther (we’re convinced that is his own self image) brave enough to go outside.  Here you can see his general reaction (tongue) to being dragged into the great outdoors.

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