July 4th Camping in Southern Maine

Took the bikes to southern coastal Maine for the holiday weekend



We camped at Beaver Dam Campground in Berwick, Maine.  This was primarily because I waited too long to find a campground =/

But it ended up being a happy accident because we really liked the location!  The campground sits in sort of a remote area, which is always a plus for us.

We left a little early for the fireworks in Ogunquit because I know how bad that traffic can be.  What I couldn’t have guessed was that there was a great (curvy and low traffic) road that took us all the way into Ogunquit with no delays whatsoever!   

The campground itself was pretty decent, had a nice pond (I’m too lazy to look up the difference – to see if I should call it a lake), and a good bit of space.  The sites were reasonably spaced and there is a huge common area.



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