Road Trip to Asheville, NC

Second leg of our trip (first leg was Nashville, TN)



After departing Nashville, we spent a few days at Campfire Lodgings in Asheville, NC.  

We paid a little more to be in the row of sites that run along a gorgeous cliff view.  Had I realized that our site (#1) was at the far edge of the cliff I would not have chosen one of those premium sites.  It was a little too far to the side to have a great view, and it was a short enough site that we also couldn’t put the back deck down.   This was one of the campgrounds and sites I was most excited for in the whole trip so I was quite disappointed.  

We had a very nice ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway, in spite of the light rain we ran into.

We also hiked a few miles on the Rattlesnake Lodge Trail.


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