Pine Haven Campground, NH

Took the grandkids camping for the weekend



Our first time camping at Pine Haven in central New Hampshire.  We chose it because we were looking to stay central, near the rivers, mountains, and most especially Clarks’ Bears in Lincoln.   It’s a fun place to visit and we really wanted the grandkids to experience that.

The campground has a stream that the kids really enjoyed, a couple of small playground areas, and of course their favorite – campfires!


The visit to Clarks’ Bears was a ton of fun!  We watched the bear show of course, rode the train, bumper boats, water slide, just about everything we could do.  

The photo at top is of the “wildman” posing on his vehicle.  He has been a figure at Clarks for many many years, pretending to threaten the train as it winds through his woods.  We just happen to see him at the end of the day on our way out and he was kind enough to pose for a picture with the kids, who still weren’t sure how they felt about him =)

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