Notch View Campground, NH

July 4th weekend with the quads in Colebrook, NH



Notch View Inn & Campground was a good stay for us.  We made a last minute decision to travel for the holiday weekend.  We had not been on the quads in months and decided to take them to New Hampshire to ride and camp.  Unbelievably, someone cancelled at our first choice campground and we were able to get in, woot woot!

We stayed on site 1A which is right next to the overflow/utility trailer parking lot, next to the Inn. 

The site is a pull-through and is not super level, sloping down towards the south/door side.  We used a stack of two leveling blocks to get us fully level so that wasn’t.a big deal, and at least two 2×4 blocks under the entrance ladder, making a tall first step up/down.  That was certainly not a big deal for us at all, just mentioning it.

Most of the campsites are in the lower campground (follow the long driveway East past the pond) so it didn’t feel as much like camping in the traditional sense (with a bunch of trailers all around).  But the view is amazing and still had full hookups.  

I didn’t find it particularly great or terrible compared to other campgrounds.  Some of the attached decks were very cool but in general it was pretty average I thought.  The upper area had the views you see on the website.  We took this shot from an upper pond that is hard to spot at first glance (on the satellite view above I mean).

I don’t mean to sound negative at all, I hope it doesn’t come across like that!  We really enjoyed the view here and would definitely book it again!  I just wanted to paint an accurate picture of the campground if I can.

Forbes Hill Road is part of the Ride the Wilds ATV trail system so we were able to ride directly from the campground.

The campground is somewhere near the blue X and the red is roads legal to ride.  The yellow and purple line is Corridor C, part on road (north of E Colebrook Rd) and part dirt.  Although short, we had a lot of fun on the stretch just south of E Colebrook Rd!   Varied terrain, rocks, mud, hills.

It rained both days this trip but we still had fun riding!  It rained Friday too but since I worked all day from the RV it didn’t matter.

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