Lazy Lions Campground, VT

A weekend in north-central Vermont - camping with the bikes



We chose to hit Vermont for something different over the long Labor Day weekend.

We put the bikes in the trailer and headed up, camping at Lazy Lions Campground in Barre, VT.

One of these days I am going to spend the money on a Truck/RV GPS unit!   This is another trip where (following Google Maps) we ended up on some roads we definitely did not want to be on with the trailer!

Speaking of unsavory roads – I was really surprised at how many roads in Vermont just suddenly became dirt roads!  They were not in terrible shape (for a dirt road I mean), but it’s not the kind of surface we want under our tires when exploring on the bikes!

Day one we rode north on route 100 and it was absolutely gorgeous!  The weather was fantastic, the roads were great, the scenery lovely.  
Especially fun on the bikes was Smugglers Notch.  This is a quick (40 sec) video clip shot from my cell phone because I forgot the GoPro 🙁
(clip is sped up and plays at 150% original speed)

Day two we tried south on 100 towards Killington but did not find the same experience.   The roads were not nearly in as good condition, we ended up on a dirt road trying to get to route 100, and hit a very long stretch of milled pavement as they prepared to repave it.
We stopped at a few General Stores (Brenda’s favorite stops), and I loved the sign on the side of this one:

Day three we hiked Owls Head Mountain in Peacham.  The trailhead was in New Discovery State Park, which had gravel roads throughout — good thing we didn’t take the bikes!    Actually, doubly good because we also brought the dog on the hike and I don’t see him being a very good passenger on the motorcycle.  Nothing against dogs on bikes, it’s just that whole “opposable thumb” thing getting in the way again.
We both felt it was a relatively easy hike (but that is all relative, isn’t it!?!) and it had a very nice view from the top.

Ok, so I just got through saying “thankfully we didn’t take the bikes” because of the gravel.

BUT the route there was awesome!   If we visit there again, I definitely want to do that route (302 to 232).  The road gets rough after Kettle pond day use area, so we’d turn around there.

The campground was probably the quietest one we’ve ever been to, and that seems to be what they are trying to create.  Not very big (30 RV sites?) and we were pushing the limits of our site with a 40 foot travel trailer but a pleasant place to stay.  A couple of open grassy areas that the dog was able to run (like a madman) in and get his ya-yas out.

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