Presidential Traverse!

A 20 mile trek across the Presidentials in the White Mountains



We’ve wanted to do this hike for a long time but it can be tough arranging time off and coordinating with good weather.  As it happens, the weather was against us nearly the entire time!

Alec was able to go with us and seemed to do it effortlessly.  Brenda struggled with her knee after having the ACL replacement, and of course I tried to keep my “this is great!” face on while really dying inside with the effort =)

The Presidential Traverse is a 20+ mile trail that runs across mounts Madison, Adams, Jefferson, Washington, Monroe, Eisenhower, Pierce and finally Jackson. 

The video is one of the (many) ones I keep swearing I’m going to update but never seem to find the time to do.  Its over 6 minutes and just moves too slowly.  I used Google Earth to show our route in “fly through” mode, mixed with just a couple of real photos/video from the trip.  The slowness of the fly through is primarily due to Death Cage Match I had with Google, trying to get the view angles correct.  I ended up giving up on the video at Mt Washington =|

The blue line in the video is our actual route, tracked via GPS on my phone. Day one was gorgeous but the rest of the time we had no visibility and a lot of rain/mist/wind. 

We actually hit Washington late in the afternoon so we basically did some trail running to hoof it all the way to Pierce because the Lake of the Clouds hut was 100% full.

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