Colorado Vacation

Took a trip out west to see the kids and ...



Sooo much to write!  We took a two week(!) vacation out west.  It was our first time taking such a lengthy trip – both in distance and time away.

We flew to Colorado so we could visit with two of the kids out there, then rented a Jeep and hit Utah, Arizona, and flew back from Las Vegas.

Hopefully I can get back to this to fill in other details but I did take a video on my cell phone of a tour we took.  We didn’t feel comfortable taking a bone stock rental Jeep into Hell’s Revenge so we opted to take a Hummer tour instead.  To be perfectly honest, I really didn’t expect much from a guided tour!  =)
Boy was I (pleasantly!!) surprised!  The driver was fantastic – great with people, good sense of humor, and made the trip really fun – we definitely recommend them!   

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